Yosef Arbiv

Yosef Arbiv

Engineering Group Leader

Company: Cisco

Stream: В

Time: 14:00 - 14:45

Country: Israel

Language: English

Talk: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Production Applications with OpenTelemetry

About the Speaker

Yosef Arbiv is married to Adi and a father of three, currently an Engineering Group Leader at Outshift by Cisco and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Ambassador. Yosef's group is a part of the community that builds OpenTelemetry, supporting customers of Cisco's full-stack observability platform.

Yosef's prior experience includes being a Team Leader and Software Engineer at Argus Cyber Security, Cyberbit, and IDF Intelligence Forces. Computer Science MSc graduate from Bar Ilan University.

Talk: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Production Applications with OpenTelemetry

Troubleshooting and monitoring applications were always a pain point for development teams. These can be even more challenging in distributed systems and microservices architecture. OpenTelemetry provides a set of utilities and SDKs to help deal with those challenges without locking your entire business to a specific vendor. This session will overview monitoring and observability core concepts and terminology. We will go through what OpenTelemetry is, and the different tools and SDKs it offers. We will demonstrate the power of OpenTelemetry using the OpenTelemetry Community Demo, and show how it can be used with other open-source projects such as Jaeger, Graphana, and Prometheus to troubleshoot an application.
After this session, you will have the information needed to leverage OpenTelemetry to gain better visibility of your production environment.