Franck Pachot

Franck Pachot

Developer Advocate

Company: Yugabyte

Stream: С

Time: 10:00 - 10:45

Country: Switzerland

Language: English

Talk: Beyond PostgreSQL: Distributed SQL with YugabyteDB

About the Speaker

Franck is a Developer Advocate for YugabyteDB, an open-source distributed SQL database compatible with Postgres. With 25 years of experience in database consulting for development and operations teams, Franck actively engages with conferences, writes articles, and participates in social media to continuously learn and share his knowledge. He is recognized as an Oracle Certified Master and an AWS Data Hero.

Talk: Beyond PostgreSQL: Distributed SQL with YugabyteDB

Postgres is a widely used open source database for OLTP with powerful SQL features that are continually improving. However, it faces operational challenges such as process per connection, vacuum issues, resilience to failure, and downtime for upgrades. These issues require a different storage architecture. Distributed SQL, inspired by Spanner, addresses some of these issues but often has limited SQL support. It is also essential to remain Open Source when offering an alternative to PostgreSQL

YugabyteDB overcomes these limitations by utilizing PostgreSQL code for SQL processing on multiple active nodes and employing distributed transactional storage to scale horizontally. This marks the evolution of databases towards Distributed SQL databases. We will demonstrate YugabyteDB's resilience and scalability.