Adriana Villela

Sr. Staff Developer Advocate

Company: ServiceNow Cloud Observability

Stream: В

Time: 10:00 - 10:45

Country: Canada

Language: English

Talk: Observe Thy CI/CD Pipelines with OpenTelemetry

About the Speaker

Adriana Villela is a Sr. Staff Developer Advocate, helping companies achieve reliability greatness through Observability, SRE, & DevOps practices. Before her current role, she managed a Platform Engineering team & an Observability Practices team at Tucows. Adriana has worked at various large-scale enterprises, as an individual contributor and leader, including Bank of Montreal, Ceridian, and Accenture. Adriana is a blogger, host of the Geeking Out Podcast, CNCF Ambassador, and HashiCorp Ambassador.

Talk: Observe Thy CI/CD Pipelines with OpenTelemetry

Tracking a request’s flow across different components in distributed systems is essential. With the rise of microservices, their importance has risen to critical levels. Some proprietary tools for tracking have been used already: Jaeger and Zipkin naturally come to mind.
Observability is built on three pillars: logging, metrics, and tracing. OpenTelemetry is a joint effort to bring an open standard to them. Jaeger and Zipkin joined the effort so that they are now OpenTelemetry compatible.
In this talk, I’ll describe the above in more detail and showcase a (simple) use case to demo how you could benefit from OpenTelemetry in your distributed architecture.