Workshops: 8 of October

Visit the unique workshops and trainings from key speakers of DevOps Stage’20 before the conference, on October, 8. Get a maximum of useful and practical skills. Hurry up, number of participants is limited!


Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley

The Phoenix Project DevOps Game

“There is a role for training and books – the goal of experiential learning is ... to provide low risk ways to try working in a different way ... there’s no better way than through simulations.” – Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project.

This interactive game, or ‘business simulation’, is based on the ground-breaking DevOps book The Phoenix Project. The game, that has been played more than 500 times in 30 countries, lets you experience the practical application of Lean, Agile and IT service management principles in a DevOps setting.


Anton Weiss

Anton Weiss

Smart Deployment Patterns with Istio Service Mesh

Deploying microservices to Kubernetes (and other cloud-native platforms) is only easy in theory.

The inherent complexity of distributed systems requires new techniques of observability, analysis

and resilience. Service mesh is an infrastructure-based architectural pattern that makes these

techniques possible in a smart, centralised way.